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The best sea urchin in the happiest form

Creative dishes using a variety of sea urchins created by a chef with over 20 years of experience as a chef.

Our restaurant is the origin of the much-talked-about sea urchin shabu-shabu (commonly known as sea urchin shabu).

A long time ago, sea urchin was a luxury item. Prices were not stable, and it took courage to order at a sushi restaurant where you didn't know the price.

We wanted people to eat sea urchin without hesitation, so we started a restaurant specializing in sea urchin shipped directly from the farm.

We are able to purchase truly delicious sea urchin that only a specialty store can offer, and at a price that makes it easy to enjoy.

The specially selected raw sea urchin from Hokkaido that we purchase does not contain alum, so you can enjoy the taste of the raw material itself.


There are many people who love our sea urchin even though they don't like the sea urchin from other stores.


And not only that,

We would like to surprise and impress everyone with a variety of creative dishes using specially selected sea urchin.

Group stores

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You can see the details of the store

Sea urchin specialty store Umi Kuriya Shimokitazawa.png

Advance reservations required (up to 2 to 3 groups per day)

By making a reservation in advance

With seasonal ingredients that are suitable for that day and time.

Enjoy delicious sea urchin to your heart's content

You can spend "the ultimate 3 hours"

Sea urchin specialty store Umi Kuriya Shinjuku.png

Located just beyond Shinjuku 3-chome

Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Although it is a small shop, even on the same day.

​Enjoy the best selection of sea urchin​

Sea urchin specialty store Umi Kuriya Ichikawa.png

Born in response to requests that it was difficult to get to Tokyo.

The most homely place in the Kaikuriya Group

In a calm atmosphere

This is a restaurant where you can enjoy the highest quality sea urchin.

Media publication information

​So far, including TV programs

It has been featured in over 20 media outlets.

As a store specializing in sea urchin shipped directly from the farm, we talk about the situation and market of sea urchin on news programs,

In addition, our original sea urchin dishes have been featured on TV and various other media outlets, and we have received great feedback each time.

People who actually came or ate the food on the program etc.

Examples of celebrities and talents (in no particular order, title omitted)

Masatoshi Hamada (Downtown)

Hitoshi Matsumoto (Downtown)

Shinobu Sakagami

Eiji Wentz

Junichi Miyashita

​Maiko Kawakami

Nobuyuki Hanawa (Knights)

Nobuyuki Tsuchiya (Knights)

Ritsuko Tanaka

Taizo Sugimura


Natsu Ando (Maple Chogokin)

Hiroshi Nagano (V6)

Knob (staggered)

Hidehiko Ishizuka (Honjamaka)

It received rave reviews from many people.

Also, although it is not a program,

 Many people come to visit us privately.

Umikuriya Group SNS

We deliver the latest information on each store and great deals that are only posted on SNS.

​If you like and follow us, it will encourage us.




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