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​I want to be independent and earn money by eating and drinking. I can make that dream come true.

​Only for now, limited to 1 person only

Serious restaurant management

I want to do

Please contact only people

​ Lasts a long time and makes good money

​I want to be independent and earn money. I can make that dream come true.

“I want to own my own shop someday.”

"I've been working hard in the restaurant industry until now. I want to become independent soon."

"I'm dissatisfied with the current situation and want to test my abilities."


“Now is the time to open the store that was my dream.”


But in this day and age.

・Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I am afraid of risks.
・I can't take the plunge because I don't have the funds.
・First independence. Is management okay?

I think there are various concerns.


■What if you could try it out and find out that there are fewer risks such as opening costs, that you can manage the store well, that your store can continue for a long time, and that you can make a solid profit?


Our group has the know-how of running a sea urchin specialty store for many years. ​

And even during the coronavirus pandemic, we won't go bankrupt, even during the economic downturn, even if we don't have that many customers.

​There is a secret to properly managing the store, and by putting it into practice, all the staff have been happy.

​The closing rate of restaurants is said to be 70% in 3 years and 80% in 5 years.

Many people with experience in food and drink who have worked hard have experienced many setbacks and then collapsed.

We want to save such people.

  ​More through the operation of restaurants,

   Customers are happy with it,

And make good money,

I want you to build happiness.




Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are at a standstill, and due to lack of funds, we are unable to take the first step.

I thought it would be great if I could help those thinking about opening a restaurant with as little risk as possible.



It is said that the food and beverage industry will become even more difficult in the future.

But including me


“I love turning it into a food and beverage industry, and I can’t help it!”


I wanted to support people in any way I could.


I just want to be independent...

I don't know how to be independent.

There are concerns after opening.

 ​The closing rate of restaurants is 50% in 2 years and 70% in 3 years.

Why does it collapse?

It's not enough just to have delicious food.

You have to know management.

You have to learn from those who know you.


However, there are almost no senior chefs who know this.

・Media strategy

・Customer attraction marketing

・And dishes that convey emotion

No matter what you do in this day and age.

Are you currently building assets and preparing for your pension for the future?

Are you considering buying your own home?

If you ask people in the food and beverage industry, they'll tell you they don't make much money and don't have time.


Too many people don't even have the time to think about such things. ​​

He said that our store has the skills of running a store for many years, such as management know-how and sales promotion know-how.


I will tell you all about it even after opening.



I would like to work with you to give you advice on how to grow your store.

The food and beverage industry that has been indebted to me until now. I'm really sad to see this go away.



I think this is a very useful story for those who want to start their own business.



But unfortunatelyOnly one person can be hired.



Rather than aiming to be a chef

Become a restaurant manager

I want them to acquire skills that will last a lifetime.



Chef x Manager

I want you to live as a hybrid food and drink person.

I seriously think so. ​


I really wanted to open a restaurant, I wanted to be independent, and I wanted to compete with my own cooking.


I'm a chef with a passion for food and love food.Please contact me if you are a food and drink idiot.

First of all, I will tell you about it while working together at our store in Shimokitazawa.

Of course, women are also welcome.

Or rather, the Shimokitazawa store this time is

I think I have great compatibility with women.



Young and inexperienced people,


Those who are older but have guts and are confident in their physical strength are also welcome.



We judge people based on passion, not age or experience.

When we receive your application, we will conduct a document screening, an online interview, and a face-to-face interview later.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us at that time.


That's what makes it worth supporting for me.

This is a long story, but thank you very much for reading this far.

We are waiting for your unique contact.

Kaikuriya Group Representative

Susumu Sasaki

The first store you will work at is Kaikuriya Shimokitazawa branch.

An attractive city that has been and will continue to be a hot topic

As you can see if you look at the media coverage page, we were featured in various media.



This is not just because the city receives a lot of coverage;

Among them, it is an edgy business style that is unique as a sea urchin specialty store.
And we have a track record of being able to continue to operate exclusively as a sea urchin specialty store for 10 years.

I want to leave that store to you.


How much profit will it actually make? All that too

We will show you the actual income and expenditure after the document review and online interview.

Generally speaking,

1 million or more (not sales, but profits)

As for the form of salary,

Depending on sales, performance, skills, employment type, and contract




Only serious people should contact you

Please contact us using the application form below.



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